Neutrogena + MLS

Join Neutrogena and MLS to beat skin cancer.

Neutrogena and Major League Soccer (MLS) understand the dangers of sun exposure, and the benefits of sun safety. It's one of the most preventable skin cancer risk factors, yet skin cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US. That's why we're partnering with MLS to educate everyone about sun exposure and #ChooseSkinHealth to eradicate skin cancer.

Beat Skin Cancer

Neutrogena and MLS have a lot in common. We both love being outside, but we both understand the dangers of sun exposure. That's why we're partnering with MLS to inform, inspire and influence our fellow soccer fans to become part of our movement to eradicate skin cancer.


Choose Skin Health + Soccer Facts

Choose Skin Health is all about knowing sun and skin cancer facts in order to
take the right steps in protecting yourself and your family from sun damage.

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