Neutrogena® Ultra Gentle

A superior choice in gentle cleansing.

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Experience effective yet gentle cleansing like no other.

Neutrogena® Ultra Gentle Cleansers give you a healthier clean - washing away dirt, oil and makeup without damaging skin's natural barrier. Goodbye dry, itchy, damaged skin. Goodbye filmy residue. Hello refreshingly clean, healthy and soft skin.

Many other cleansers over-penetrate & irritate the skin. Ultra Gentle cleansers clean effectively without damage.
Get a superior clean with the  foaming cleanser that won't over-dry.

Unlike some other foaming cleansers that can leave skin feeling dry, tight or irritated, Neutrogena® Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser provides a superior clean without the damage. Its patented formula is gentle enough for all skin types and clinically proven to protect skin's natural barrier, while removing 99% of dirt, oil and makeup.
Science proves it. Dermatologists recommend it. Beauty editors and customers love it.

Why its foaming formula is superior:
Hypoallergenic fragrance
Removes 99% of impurities without over-drying
No added parabens, soaps or dyes

Don't just take our word for it:

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