The Double Cleansing Method

Step 1

Complete Surface Clean

Ordinary cleansers aren’t designed to thoroughly remove stubborn surface impurities like sunscreens and makeup. The best way to clean your face is by starting with a powerful makeup remover to completely clean the skin’s surface and properly prepare your skin for a deeper clean.

Neutrogena® makeup removers are specially formulated to wipe away 99.3% of stubborn makeup and impurities.

Step 2

Deep Pore Clean

Now that you have a clean surface, your cleanser can work even harder to go deeper into pores. Oil and dirt in pores can not only cause problem skin, they can also dim skin’s healthy glow.

How to wash your face? Neutrogena® cleansers. They clean deeply into pores to remove dirt, oil and impurities to reveal softer, cleaner skin that’s healthy-looking.

Which Double Cleansing Method is Right for You?

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#unready Tonight

Ready Tomorrow

There’s more to beauty than just getting ready. Getting #unready is the nightly ritual of cleaning your face with the Double Cleansing Method and winding down from your day so you’ll be ready for tomorrow.

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