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What's your damage? Discover the Triple Threats that cause it,
and make hair 3x stronger, starting with Triple Repair. Then get the
Healthy style How-To's so you can mend your ways — and your split ends.

From heat to hairspray, are the little things that help your hair look great actually hurting it?
Could your everyday routines and rituals be damaging your hair?
Just how much are the elements wreaking havoc on your hair's health?

Sun Exposure

Just like your skin, the sun can damage your hair. That's because UV rays break down Keratin protein in the hair, making it dull, dry and prone to breakage. And even more so for colored hair!

1 Strengthen

Pre-sun, fortify hair 3X stronger with the Triple Repair Hair Care system. (Stronger hair is more resistant to sun damage.)

2 Braid

Braid hair to one side; don't pull too tightly — doing so can cause breakage. Secure it with a clear, coated elastic.

3 Loop + Tuck

Holding the end of your braid, loop it up and under, tucking the bottom few inches under the base.

4 Secure

Pin the bottom of the braid in place, and secure the rest of the chignon with extra pins where needed around the sides and middle.

5 Shine On

Now that it's tucked away, it's less exposed to sun (read: damage). Just remember to protect your skin before heading outside, too!

Sam Leonardi

Meet sam Leonardi

The Stylist Behind Our Hair How-To's

Sam Leonardi is a globally recognized hair stylist who has worked with everyone from actresses, to musicians, to the biggest fashion brands in the world.

Sam's philosophy? Beautiful style starts with strong, healthy hair. So he has teamed up with us to do some damage control with a stylish spin.

Sam says
THE 3X System for
3X Stronger Hair

Clinically proven to instantly repair the
3 leading signs of damaged hair in just one use.

Healthier hair starts with Neutrogena® Triple Repair Hair Care, the breakthrough system that helps repair damaged hair by reducing breakage by 80%, instantly leaving hair stronger, smoother, and more nourished.*

  • Mends 97% of split ends
  • Strengthens brittle hair
  • Protects from breakage

Plus, the Fortifying Leave-In Treatment protects hair from heat styling over 400°F, so you can stop worrying about damage, and get the healthy, beautiful style you want.

Different From Day 1

"The first day I used Neutrogena® Triple Repair Hair Care…my ends felt like HAIR — and not straw. I didn't think that was possible without cutting it off."

Amy T., Tucson, AZ

Can't Believe It

"The first time I used [Triple Repair] I couldn't believe what a difference it made in the texture of my hair. It made my hair feel soft and shiny and helped mend my split ends…"

Phinonnoni, Windsor Mill, MD

Huge Change

"…I noticed a huge change in the way my hair looks and feels! I highly recommend this product!"

Kristin L., Toledo, OH


"The difference in the look and texture of my hair is unreal."

Courtney E., Laketon, IN

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