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Treat your skin right – and achieve winning results.

A man's face requires specific care to look and feel its best.
That's why Neutrogena® Men has created skincare solutions
for men that go beyond the basics.
So you can take your grooming game to a
whole new level. Respeta tu
piel con Neutrogena® Men.

Find out if you're respecting your face when you're...

How clean is your face, really?

Men's skin is oilier than women's.

Which means you shouldn't be cleaning it with just anything. Find out if you've been washing your face with the proper respect, and learn how to get a truly optimal clean.



Washing your face with the same stuff you use on your body? Not if Landon can help it. Find out how upgrading to a cleanser designed specifically for your face can leave your skin feeling refreshed—and really clean.


Give your face its own deep clean with a foaming cleanser specifically designed for men. The cooling lather works down to the dirtiest pores – leaving skin refreshed, without over–drying.

You may think removing dirt and oil is as
simple as cleansing. But frequently, the things
you use to wash your face may be guilty of
depositing dirt or bacteria, themselves:

Unisex cleansers and products made for women may get your face clean. However, they don't always account for factors unique to guys' skin, like shaving, larger pores and more natural oil. Men's products are specially formulated with these differences in mind, so you get a deep, thorough clean for your face.

Water temperature can help you clean without over drying. For starters, use warm water to help loosen dirt and oil in your pores and help your cleanser to do its job. Then, rinse your newly–cleaned skin with cool water to help avoid over drying; using hot could actually dry it out.

A Towel: Finish up by patting your
face dry with a clean, good–quality
towel. Patting, rather than using an
abrasive rubbing motion, will help you
retain moisture and help prevent chafing.
Skin Clearing Acne Wash:
This powerful cleanser's primary
mission is to fight acne. But it can
also help prevent future breakouts
and ingrown hairs, while improving
skin clarity.
Bar Soap: Great for washing
everything from the neck
down—including your hands,
before using them to wash your
face with a proper men's facial
Invigorating Face Wash:
The cooling lather of this
specially–designed cleanser is formulated to work down to the
dirtiest pores on a man's face
and leave it feeling refreshed.
A dab of cleanser about the size
of a nickel should be enough to
clean your face. Make sure to
work it into your skin in a circular
motion to create a thick lather.
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