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Treat your skin right – and achieve winning results.

A man's face requires specific care to look and feel its best.
That's why Neutrogena® Men has created skincare solutions
for men that go beyond the basics.
So you can take your grooming game to a
whole new level. Respeta tu
piel con Neutrogena® Men.

Find out if you're respecting your face when you're...

How clean is your face, really?

56% of guys say they have sensitive skin, and almost 59% suffer from razor burns, bumps, or cuts.

Find out if you've been suffering the effects of inferior products or habits, and upgrade to a more comfortable shave.



Washing your face with the same stuff you use on your body? Not if Landon can help it. Find out how upgrading to a cleanser designed specifically for your face can leave your skin feeling refreshed—and actually clean.


Using a high performance shave cream can be a
big help in reducing irritation. But there are other
sneaky culprits behind the burn, bumps, and cuts.
Cut these out of your shaving routine to help
achieve smoother results, painlessly:

Most guys naturally wait until they have razor burn to treat it. But, because shaving can leave your face dry and susceptible to irritation, it's important to build your skin's defenses before the bumps and burn even start. This pre-shave protection plan can help.

Aftershave should help soothe, and re-hydrate your skin to help prevent razor irritation. So, it shouldn't burn to do its job. Out of respect, choose an alcohol-free post-shave lotion or balm, and apply after washing skin with cool water and patting dry. This will help ensure your face feels hydrated — not like it's on fire.

Razor Defense Shave Gel:
Help prevent skin irritation, razor
bumps and cuts. This protein fortified
shave gel is specially formulated to
not only condition your face for your
upcoming shave, but to help make it
stronger for next time.
Shaving Brush: Using a
shaving brush not only helps
you form a nice, thick lather with
less shave cream, it also helps
lift each hair of your face so you
can get a closer, smoother
shave with less irritation.
Razor: While a quality shave cream
can drastically improve your shave,
there is something to be said about
your razor skills. Remember to use
as little pressure as possible and go
with the grain to help prevent irritation
and ingrown hairs.
Razor Defense Face Scrub:
Scrub away flaky, dry skin with this
innovative facial scrub, designed to
condition your face and soften facial hair
so you can get a closer, less-irritating shave.
Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion:
Calm and soothe your skin after a close
shave with this cooling gel balm designed
to help prevent razor irritation
and ingrown hairs.
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