San Francisco Bay Area

    These tuition-free, college-preparatory schools are preparing approximately 2,500 in the SF Bay area for success in college and the competitive world beyond.

  • Education Through Music

    San Francisco, CA

    Promotes music in the curricula of Bay Area schools in need to enhance students' academic performance and general development.

  • Education Through Music

    Los Angeles, CA

    Promotes music in the curricula of LA schools in need to enhance students' academic performance and general development.

  • Para Los Niños

    Los Angeles, CA

    LA-based nonprofit that provides child care, schooling and other services to at-risk children and their families.

  • KIPP

    Los Angeles, CA

    KIPP LA teaches academic skills, fosters intellectual habits and cultivates character traits needed for their 1,853 attending students to thrive in high school, college and life.

  • KIPP

    Philadelphia, PA

    KIPP Philadelphia Schools currently operate 1 elementary school, 2 middle schools and 1 high school. Despite the fact that students there consistently enter schools 2-3 grade levels behind, by providing the learning and tools they need, 100% of their students have been accepted to college-preparatory high schools.

  • KIPP

    Denver, CO

    KIPP Colorado serves over 800 students at 3 schools, equipping them with the academic skills and character traits necessary to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond.

  • KIPP

    San Antonio, TX

    Over 275 charter public schools operate in Texas, serving over 80,000 students. Most of these charter schools operate in urban or inner-city areas, where many children have long been denied quality education.

  • KIPP

    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

    Over 275 charter public schools serve over 80,000 students, operating primarily in urban or inner-city areas, where many children have long been denied quality education.

  • KIPP

    Austin, TX

    Over 5,000 KIPP Austin Public School students have access to a network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools.

  • KIPP

    Houston, TX

    In Houston TX, KIPP serves over 20 schools, helping nearly 8,000 students with 90% of students advancing to college.

  • KIPP

    Arkansas Delta

    This growing network of KIPP charter schools offers free, college-preparatory education to children in the Arkansas Delta.

  • KIPP

    Memphis, TN

    KIPP’s tuition-free, college preparatory school serves 500 students from underserved communities in grades 5–9.

  • KIPP

    Nashville, TN

    KIPP Academy Nashville's students make 1.5 to 2 years of academic growth each year, and have among the highest TCAP scores in Metro Nashville.

  • KIPP

    St. Louis, MO

    At the KIPP Inspire Academy in St. Louis, 240 students are enrolled in an intensive, college-preparatory program to put them on the path to some of the nation's best high schools, colleges, and universities.

  • KIPP

    Chicago, IL

    KIPP Chicago consists of 2 schools that serve 550 students in grades K-1 and 5-8, and 300 KIPP Ascend alumni via the KIPP Through College Program.

  • KIPP

    Central Ohio

    Serves over 300 students in grades 5-8 who have shown significant academic growth in just a short period of time.

  • KIPP

    Washington, DC

    KIPP DC reaches over 2,600 students at 3 campuses in DC’s Marshall Heights, Anacostia, and Shaw neighborhoods.

  • KIPP

    New Orleans, LA

    KIPP New Orleans supports 9 schools and 2,500 students, including the two highest performing open enrollment schools in the city.

  • KIPP

    Atlanta, GA

    Metro Atlanta has 5 KIPP schools as well as the KIPP Through College Program which supports 1,200 students on their journey “to and through” college.

  • KIPP

    Jacksonville, FL

    KIPP Jacksonville believes that 5th grade is a critical turning point in a child’s education. At this point, most students in the public schools here have already fallen behind – but with KIPP’s help, they can still catch up and be put on the path to college.

  • Education through Music

    New York, NY

    Promotes music in the curricula of NYC schools in need to enhance students' academic performance and general development.

  • KIPP

    Newark, NJ

    This high-performing charter school organization serves 4 schools and 1,500 students and successfully sent 83% of alumni to college.

  • KIPP


    KIPP Massachusetts is a network of free, open-enrollment public charter schools helping 473 students in grades 5–9 students living in underserved communities.

  • KIPP

    New York, NY

    KIPP NYC serves 3 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 1 high school, teaching students to develop the character and academic skills necessary to succeed in high school and college.

  • KIPP

    Baltimore, MD

    KIPP Baltimore is leading 370 students in grades 5-8 from low socioeconomic backgrounds and a diversity of skill levels to attend and succeed in four-year colleges.

  • KIPP

    Gaston, NC

    KIPP Gaston has over 600 students in grades 5-12 and is one of the highest performing public schools in North Carolina.

Wave for Change Neutrogena® and globalgiving

Together We Raised Over $200,000

Thanks to GlobalGiving and fans like you, we are able to provide thousands of underserved students with resources like books, lunches and school supplies to put them on the path towards a brighter future. Feels pretty amazing, doesn't it?

See how we did it

YOU Helped Create A Wave For Change®


For every video view we received between July 1st and August 31st, the Neutrogena® Wave for Change® program donated $1 to GlobalGiving to support educational charities within the United States. We also donated $1 from the sale of participating products during the same time*. The result was a donation of $125,000*, which will be split equally between the three charities!

*Neutrogena pledged to donate $1 to GlobalGiving for every video view, up to $130,000, and $1 for every product registered, up to $20,000, between 7/1/2012 and 8/31/2012.

Products With A Cause

Meet the products that made our donation possible.

Thanks to the sale of these and other Neutrogena® products, we were able to reach our goal.


Say Hello to GlobalGiving. Meet the Charities

  • $25 provides a child with one week of nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks
  • $50 provides two hours of one‑on‑one tutoring in math or reading
  • $250 provides two weeks of safety and care for a child in our child development centers
  • $500 provides a month of after-school care for one child at our charter schools
  • $1000 buys a laptop computer. Our goal is two computers per classroom.

Para Los Niños

"Our mission is to help educate children in at-risk communities by giving them and their families the support and services they need to succeed in school and in life."

– Martine Singer, President & CEO, Para Los Niños

Founded so that no child would be forgotten. Para Los Niños is a nonprofit organization that has worked for more than 30 years to create academic success and social well being for thousands of children living in at-risk neighborhoods. Today it continues to respond to the ever-changing needs of Southern California's most challenging communities.

Learn More about this Charity

  • $1 can provide support for a child's journey to and through college
  • $25 can provide support for high-quality teacher professional development
  • $100 can provide support to train superlative school teachers
  • $600 can provide help to grow more KIPP schools in underserved communities


"College is a dream that is waiting to come true for me and anybody else at KIPP.”

– Brooklyn, KIPP Student

Work hard. Be nice. KIPP is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. Every day, KIPP students across the nation are proving that demographics do not define destiny.

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  • $1 could buy sheet music for one child
  • $25 could buy 8
    new recorders
  • $100 could buy a new guitar for our music students
  • $200 could buy a new violin for our music students to use for 5 years
  • $600 could buy 4 students music lessons every week

Education Through Music

"We believe that music enhances the life of every child and helps reinforce academic achievement, creativity and overall development."

– VICTORIA LANIER, Executive Director Education Through Music LA

Every child deserves a well-rounded education: one that includes music. ETM forms long-term partnerships with inner-city elementary and middle schools that lack the resources to develop school-wide music programs. They ensure high-quality instruction by hiring qualified music teachers and provide music instruction to every child, regardless of talent or ability.

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Check out how our past donations have helped different charities.

Over the past two years, thanks to you, we were able to help change thousands of lives. Well done.

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