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Turn On The Light. Turn Acne Off.TM

Acne Light Therapy

With clinically proven light therapy technology used by dermatologists for over a decade, our acne treatments harness the power of light to treat mild-to-moderate acne for healthier, clearer skin.

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Light Therapy Works
How Light Therapy Works

Neutrogena® Acne Light Therapy harnesses the power of light to treat acne. Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria just beneath the skin's surface, while red light goes deeper to reduce inflammation.

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Benefits of Light Therapy
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Light Therapy Solutions

Acne Therapy Options

Light Therapy Product

Spot Treatment

  • Treats single pimples
  • At home & on the go
  • 2 minutes, 3x/day
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Light Therapy Reviews
Light Therapy - Total Beauty

"'s now no longer a fancy in-office treatment - it's accessible."

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“The future is now - a way to fight zits use LED lights!”
– cbishel

Light Therapy Questions
Light Therapy Questions?

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Learn how to use Neutrogena® Light Therapy to treat your acne.

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Activator Recycling Program

Neutrogena® has partnered with top e-recyclers to make it easier and safer to dispose of your used Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator.

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Light Therapy Article

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