Acne, How To

Beat Acne: 4 Go-To Habits for Clearer Skin

by Neutrogena

We get it, acne can be so unpredictable. Take control of your skin with these four easy habits to help you prevent potential breakouts and maintain your best skin ever.

Clean-Up Before Makeup

Don’t separate your clear skin routine from your makeup routine! Keep acne flare-ups at bay by simply cleansing your face before applying makeup. Pro tip: Switching to makeup for acne-prone skin will help you cover up without clogging your pores!

Hydration is Key

8 cups of water a day is great way to stay hydrated, but it might not be enough to keep your skin fully moisturized. Replenish your skin with our collection of hydrating moisturizers for a healthy glow all day long.

Don’t Breakout When the Sun is Out

When it comes to sun protection, avoiding sunburns shouldn’t be your only concern. Did you know that sun exposure can dry out your skin and actually trigger acne breakouts? Our light-weight and oil-free sunscreens are a great way to protect your skin without clogging pores.

Wipe the Day Away

Makeup gets tired, too. Dirt, oil and other impurities can clog your pores and trap icky, harmful bacteria in your skin. Amp up your nighttime routine with our facial cleansing wipes to help prevent breakouts in the morning.

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Acne, How To

Beauty begins with healthy skin, so we're bringing you skin science and how-to guides to help you achieve your best skin ever.

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