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Six Things That Are Bringing Us Joy Right Now

by Jana K. Hoffman
June 12, 2020

It’s true that we’re all experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions right now. The world is in pain, and so many of us don’t exactly know how to cope with it all. This is completely normal. There’s no playbook for this, ya know?

In the spirit of helping you lift up your spirits, we put together six simple ways to put a smile on your face — and maybe even someone else’s.

  • 1. Visit the (virtual) zoo

    What’s better than watching Monty the penguin take tiny journeys around the Santa Barbara Zoo to meet the other animals? Go ahead. We’ll wait. Zoos across the country are getting creative with their animal content on Instagram, and we honestly couldn’t be more pleased for the distraction.
  • 2. Make bouquets from foraged flowers

    Summer is in full swing, which means flowers are blooming. On your next walk around the neighborhood, you might clip a few of them to make a small bouquet for your home. The pop of color and fragrance are sure to lift any mood.
  • 3. Try your hand at being an artist

    Screen time is at an all-time high for so many of us. Take a break from the blue light and turn your attention to coloring, painting or drawing. Let your creativity run wild! Throw it back and hang your masterpiece on the fridge for old time’s sake.
  • 4. Handwrite a note to someone you love

    We’re so lucky in that we can connect with virtually anyone over video chat or text message instantly. It’s what’s keeping us going right now. An unexpected note sent through the postal service though? That’s next-level thoughtful communication. Think about the people in your life who need a little pick-me-up and get to writing.
  • 5. Make a donation to a cause you support

    If you have a few extra dollars to spare (like what you would have spent on today’s coffee), you might consider making a small tax-deductible donation to an organization that you care about. It always feels good to give.
  • 6. Snuggle with your pup

    Doggos just have this incredible way of showing unconditional love no matter what. We can get through anything with them by our sides. Take a break. Give them a hug. Let them lick your faces. Revel in the affection.

What’s bringing you joy right now? We’d love to see it on IG. Tag us @Neutrogena.

  1. Santa Barbara Zoo

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