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Five Working From Home Tips To Switch Up The Routine

by Jana K. Hoffman
April 24, 2020

Our commute these days takes us from the bedroom to the couch with a pit-stop in the kitchen for cereal and mediocre-at-best coffee. How about yours? We’re all just trying to do our best during these unprecedented times. So many of us are having to adjust to a work-from-home lifestyle while also making the most of shelter in place.

With that in mind, we compiled five ways to switch up your working from home routine. Because it’s also basically your new life routine, and it’s really hard to separate the two right now.

Start the morning off with an at-home workout

One of the more positive things to come out of the current global pandemic is access to free virtual workouts. The collective fitness community has really shown up for its fellow fitness aficionados and it’s not going to let us get out of this quarantine without doing a few hundred squats (over time, obviously). Many cult-fave fitness studios and IG-famous fitness instructors are offering up their time and talents to keep us in shape while we shelter in place. Some fitness apps are offering free trials or waiving fees, too. We’ll see you in “class.”

Dress up like you’re going somewhere today

Zoom brunch? Netflix party? Virtual office coffee hour? Real talk: We know it can be tough to find the motivation to wear anything other than joggers and that college sweatshirt with the holes in it. But, it can be a mood booster to get ready for work like you’re going into the office. Wash your face, throw your hair up in a top knot and wrap yourself in a printed dress for a change of pace. If you’re feeling a little wild, break out the red lip gloss.

Switch up the scenery

How’s your home office set-up coming along? Many of us have gotten caught up in all of this without a desk so we’re having to improvise using coffee tables, boxes as standing desks and, honestly, the comfort of our beds. For those of you who have laptops, it can be pretty easy to find a new nook in your dwelling to hole up in. Move to another new nook every few hours to keep it interesting. We prefer anything near a window to keep tabs on the local hummingbirds that come by every day.

Take a masking break

Have you ever been at the office sitting at your desk just staring at your computer screen wishing you could slap on a face mask? Well, now you literally can because there’s no one around to stop you from indulging in this little midday pick-me-up. We’re all about the lunchtime masking session. Just make sure you take it off before that 1 p.m. sales call — unless your team is also into virtual masking in which case, carry on.

Make a healthy snack

Our eating habits are admittedly, and rightfully so, a little out of whack right now. It’s harder to keep the fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies because it’s quite frankly harder to get out of the house to grocery shop. When snack time comes around, scrounge through those cabinets for the healthiest options you can find. Make a smoothie with frozen fruit. Smother peanut butter over apples or celery. Pop up some popcorn. Hard boil a couple of eggs. Use this opportunity to nourish and refuel your body as best as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drinking water is ultra-important.

What are your favorite working from home tips? Share ‘em on IG and tag us @Neutrogena.

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