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How to Get a Skin Assessment When the Dermatologist Isn't an Option

by Tyshia Ingram
April 24, 2020

In a perfect world, everyone would have a personal dermatologist on call to attend to all their skincare woes.

They'd come by the house to squeeze in a perfectly timed skin assessment, right between Friday office hours and happy hour. They'd tell you exactly how to achieve your skincare goals, and you'd leave with a bag full of products made just for you. A girl can dream.

Things are a bit different IRL. Finding a trusted dermatologist who's covered under your health insurance and has an appointment that fits into your schedule? Not easy. Instead, you probably turn to advice from Google and YouTube — neither of which are medical professionals.

Scrolling through other people's "shelfies" and reading product reviews is all well and good, but there's a better way to get immediate, personalized skincare advice from your phone.

Enter Neutrogena's At-Home Skin Assessment App

Neutrogena Skin360® is like a digital skin coach in the palm of your hand. This skincare app analyzes your skin, makes personalized recommendations to perfect your routine based on your skin type, tracks changes in your skin and measures your progress. All from the comfort of your bathroom vanity — or your living room. Or your bed. The app won't judge.

Here's how it works:

  1. Take a picture. Take a quick selfie so the app can analyze your skin. This assessment lets you know exactly how your skin is doing, whether you're dealing with fine lines, wrinkles or those dark under-eye circles that stay put no matter how much beauty sleep you get.
  2. Personalize the results. After your assessment, NAIA — Neutrogena's artificial intelligence technology — gets a better understanding of you and your skincare goals. It asks about your concerns (like uneven skin tone or a dull complexion), your skincare knowledge and preferences and even details about your lifestyle, like your sleep, exercise habits and stress — all the major factors that impact your skin's health.
  3. Get to know your skin. Finally, the app pulls everything together into a personalized dashboard, so you can get started on your skincare journey with a trusted advisor at the ready.

Everything You'll Love About Neutrogena Skin360®

Whether you're a skincare novice, skincare is your life or you just want more control over your complexion, you can benefit from having an expert — or, more accurately, the compiled knowledge of many, many experts — in your pocket. And unlike those experts, the Neutrogena Skin360® app is free, customizable and always available when you need it.

Not to mention, it's full of features that you'll use once and wonder how you ever did your skincare without them:

  • Skin360 Score: Your Skin360 score is your skin's custom assessment, explaining exactly where you stand with your complexion. It gives you a score on common skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and smoothness, along with an overall score for your skin health.

  • Routine: Once you know what you're working with, you can start a personalized morning and evening routine that will get you on the right path without the guesswork. Consistency is key, so use the Daily Log to check off each day you've followed your routine!

  • Products: Checking products against your specific skincare needs eats up time, so narrow the field to what's already geared toward your unique skin with My Shelf. One tap gives you a list of personalized products based on your skincare assessment.

  • Progress: What's a skincare evaluation app without a way to track your progress? Every seven days, upload a fresh selfie to get a new score and see how much your skin has improved with your new routine. You can also manually keep tabs on your stress, exercise, sleep, acne, hydration and other skin-related information.

  • NAIA: The Neutrogena Skin360® skincare app uses AI that follows along with your skincare journey to send you tips, reminders and advice to help you reach your goals. There's even a personalized blog serving you science-based skin health articles that answer your skincare questions!

You know your skin better than anyone, but a fresh look at your skin health — particularly from the view of a digital skin expert — can reveal what your eyes alone might have been missing. Not everyone has a dermatologist at their beck and call, it's true, but you can still get the personal attention your skin needs to glow.

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