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Eight Ways to Live Your Best Life

by Jana K. Hoffman
March 24, 2020

You don’t need to spend a small fortune or join a fancy members-only club to feel good and live your best life. All it takes is a little appreciation for the simple things like good friends, warm hugs and tacos. We want to take a moment to round up a list of our eight favorite things that bring us the most joy.

Do a Good Deed

Random acts of kindness not only make you feel good, but they also make others feel good. Buy someone’s coffee, hold the door or give a compliment. That’s what we call feeding two birds with one seed.

Refresh With a Face Mask

There’s no need to carve out a special “self-care moment” to pop on a sheet mask. One of our favorite ways to prep skin is to wear a face mask in the shower on days when we don’t wash our hair. The steam helps to open up pores, which allows the serum to soak into your skin better. (P.S. Wear a shower cap to keep your hair dry and your sheet mask in place.)

Keep Track of Your Skin’s Health

Take a selfie and see how your skin’s doing every week. You might already keep track of your steps and sleeping patterns — and you probably already have the selfie thing down — so this should be a no-brainer. In 2020, we’re making it even easier to look beyond the surface and measure your skin’s dark circles, wrinkles, dark spots and more just by using your smartphone camera.

Relax in a Warm Bath

Long day? Soak the stress away! Draw a warm bath, light a few candles and grab your favorite book. Make it a whole mood by playing some soothing spa music. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you after you emerge from the tub calm and zen before bed.

Journal Your Thoughts

Sometimes you just need to say some stuff, but there’s no one around to say the stuff to. Or, the stuff is just too personal so it’s a little tough sharing it with someone else. That’s where the journal comes in. The journal doesn’t judge, and it’s the perfect place to jot down thoughts, feelings, dreams and goals.

Crawl Into Freshly Washed Sheets

We don’t know if it’s the clean laundry smell or the crispness of the sheets (or, heck, both), but freshly washed sheets are glorious. There’s something so wonderful about snuggling up in soft, just-from-the-dryer bedding. Add your favorite furry friend and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Take a Deep Breath (or Five)

Breathing is such an essential part of our everyday life that we often don’t pay attention to it. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or you just need to reset, take a few deep breaths in and out and pay close attention to the movements of your belly, chest and breath. (Enter immense gratitude for your body and its incredible abilities.)

Add a Pop of Color

There’s something special about the way we feel when we wear lipstick. It’s fierce and feminine and brings out our inner “we can take on the world” mentality. The best part is, you can experiment with colors until you find a fave or mix it up depending on the occasion.

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