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Selfies With Benefits

by Jana K. Hoffman
January 6, 2020

Dog ears. Floating hearts. Sunglasses with scenic views on the lenses. We’ve grown pretty accustomed to filters that augment reality by turning us into animals or adding some sort of virtual element to our everyday surroundings. But imagine a selfie that does more than just add a flower crown to your head. This selfie has the ability to measure dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, texture and more to determine the true health of your skin.

Yep. You’re going to want to keep reading…

In 2018, we launched a whole new way to track your skin’s health with the Neutrogena Skin360™ app and skin scanner. In 2020, it got even better — and smarter. And we can hardly wait for you to try it!

You can take a selfie and receive instant info about your skin. All you need is the Neutrogena Skin360™ app on your smartphone. Our innovative skin tech analyzes more than 2,000 facial attributes and 100,000 skin pixels within one second. We repeat, one second. The result? Your customized Neutrogena Skin360™ Score each time you take a selfie. Your skin is always changing, which means your score will change, too.

Over the last two years, our dermatologists and scientists have been hard at work developing this technology informed by more than 10,000 different faces that span different ages and ethnicities. The upgraded app — designed for all skin types and tones — also allows you to track your sleep, stress and exercise so you can see how these very important parts of your life impact your skin for more holistic skin care tips and product recommendations.

If this sounds pretty incredible, you’re probably going to love this next part. We saved the best for last.

The new Neutrogena Skin360™ app features your very own skin coach, NAIA, who provides personalized advice and insights so you can achieve your best skin ever. NAIA has your back (and face) and is always available to chat. NAIA can definitely whip up a skin care regimen based on your skin concerns and from more than 2.5 million product recommendations. Just like an expert in your pocket!

Ready to become a skin care expert? Download the Neutrogena Skin360™ app and starting selfie-ing!

Skin Science

I’m a writer, rescue dog owner, tattoo collector and traveler who shamelessly has an 8-step skincare routine.

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