How to Apply Makeup Like A Pro

Tips from Amy Oresman, Neutrogena® Makeup Artist Expert

#1 Your Toolkit

The Tools

Everything you need for complete, 12-hour coverage.

  • Hydration is Key: Starting with moisturized skin makes application more even across drier and oilier areas.

  • Grab a Sponge: Pressing with a sponge helps foundation absorb more easily.

  • Get Hands On: The warmth of your fingers helps foundation adhere best.

  • Pick the Perfect Shade: Use the inside of your wrist or neck to check if it’s right for you.

#2 The Plan

Perfect Application Plan

A step-by-step guide for flawless coverage.

  • Just a Drop: Add a pea-sized amount of foundation to your sponge.

  • Get Cheeky: Start at your cheeks/cheekbones and swipe out, towards your jawline.

#3 The Finishing Touches

Simple Tips to Complete Your Look

Simple tips to complete your look.

  • Pressing Details: Always press foundation into skin. Wiping it across the face makes it noticeable.

  • Put a Ring (Finger) On It: To avoid creasing and skin pulling, use your ring finger to gently tap makeup around the delicate eye area.

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