Real Talk: What is Retinol?

Reverse the look of wrinkles and dark spots with dermatologist-recommended retinol.

What is Retinol?

Simply put, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and a powerful ingredient. Formulas containing it help fight against signs of aging skin. It's the #1 dermatologist-recommended non-prescription skin-aging solution for its ability to improve the appearance of collagen-depleted skin, speed up skin renewal and minimize the signs of aging. Accelerated Retinol SA is a unique combination of retinol, glucose complex and hyaluronic acid and works in our formulas to renew your skin and deliver fast, effective, visible results.

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How Does Retinol Work?

Retinol is your secret weapon in assisting skin renewal, allowing radiant-looking new skin while sloughing off deadskin. As you age, skin renewal begins to slow. With regular usage of products with retinol, you’ll see a boost in skin renewal as well as improvement in the look of collagen-depleted skin, helping give younger, healthier-looking skin.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair

The Fastest Retinol for Rapid Results

Notice visible results in just 1 week with the #1 dermatologist recommended ingredient.

Reduces the appearance of stubborn fine lines & wrinkles

Reduces the appearance of stubborn fine lines & wrinkles

Repairs for radiant, younger-looking skin

Repairs for radiant, younger-looking skin

Reduces the look of dark spots and discoloration

Reduces the look of dark spots and discoloration

100% of women had noticeable results in a week

100% of women had noticeable results in a week

The Retinol Rulebook
Learn the do's and don'ts of retinol and using it with other ingredients.

Apply products with retinol first

Use hyalouronic acid & retinol together for intense hydration

Slowly add to routine to help reduce irritation

Protect skin with SPF 30+ during the day

Don't mix with acne treatments

Results You Can See
Retinol Before and After
Before & After

Accelerated Retinol SA helps this formula reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sun damage. Users, who had been using retinol for a year, found that Accelerated Retinol SA in the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night and Regenerating Cream products was nearly twice as effective as a moisturizer with SPF alone.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will using retinol during the day increase my risk of sunburn?

    Studies have shown that topical retinol skin care creams do not increase your risk of sunburn. With or without retinol, always remember to wear sunscreen daily.

  • What should I look for when shopping for retinol products?

    Look for a retinol that has been stabilized so it won’t breakdown.

  • Can retinol irritate my skin?

    When you start with retinol, minor skin irritation may occur—that's normal. Begin with a small amount every other day for about two weeks. Then, gradually increase usage. Once your skin adjusts to this effective ingredient, you'll be able to incorporate it into a daily skin care regimen with little chance of flaking or redness.

  • Does retinol stop working after a while?

    No, studies have shown that the effects of retinol do not plateau with continued use.

  • Can I use retinol if I don't have wrinkles?

    Yes, retinol can be used to fight signs of skin aging before they become apparent.

  • When should I start using retinol?

    Early use of retinol products can actually help to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles before they become apparent, so your skin stays looking younger and healthier. Retinol works best when introduced gradually to your regimen. Slowly build up your tolerance level—begin by applying a product containing retinol every other day.

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