Neutrogena's Sun Safe Commitment

Our Sun Safe Commitment
  • We help people around the world understand and, most importantly, respect the power of the sun—the center of our universe, yet the greatest environmental cause of skin damage.
  • We envision a future with no skin cancer, when sunscreen use is as routine as brushing your teeth, and tanning beds don't even exist.
  • We pledge to use advanced science to create sun protection products that fit seamlessly into peoples' lives, offering peace of mind—with no compromises.
  • We promise to educate and empower people, directly and through health care professionals, to make safe sun choices.
  • We own the responsibility for future discovery in support of a lifetime of healthy skin.
How We're Helping

Through our partnership with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) we provide free skin cancer screenings and free self exam kits.

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Here at Neutrogena®, we've developed cutting edge sun protection technologies, to help the public protect themselves from the sun.

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You Buy,
We Donate
Join the Fight Against Skin Cancer

Buy any Neutrogena® product with SPF this April to July, and Neutrogena® will offer to donate one to a family in need.

And for every Neutrogena® product with SPF that you buy at Rite Aid or at from April to September, Neutrogena® will donate two!


*Buy 1, Donate 1 offer valid April - July 2018 and Buy 1, Donate 2 offer valid April – September 2018. Neutrogena® will offer to donate up to $5MM in retail value.

Our Charitable Partners

Heart to Heart International's mission is to improve health through initiatives that connect resources to a world in need. With your help, children in need here at home will receive sunscreen in Back to School care packages and free clinics.

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AmeriCares mission is to save lives and build healthier futures for people in crisis in the United States and around the world. With your help, AmeriCares will provide sunscreen to thousands of low-income families nationwide through our network of partner clinics and health centers.

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