Why Using A Face Moisturizer with SPF for Sun Protection & Hydration Just Makes Sense


Why Using A Face Moisturizer with SPF for Sun Protection & Hydration Just Makes Sense

by Anubha Charan
March 28, 2022

If there's one step in a skincare routine that simply cannot be skipped, it's applying sunscreen — every single day. Not only do sunscreen's SPF benefits protect your skin from sun damage that can lead to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, but SPF also acts as the first line of defense against skin cancer.

However, why spend time and money on two separate products when you can get both in one easy swipe? Cue the SPF moisturizer. Here's how merging your sunscreen and moisturizer into one step can streamline your beauty regimen for the better.

What Is A Facial Moisturizer With SPF?

An SPF moisturizer has sunscreen built into its formula, combining two daily skincare essentials — sunscreen and hydration. In short, it provides SPF benefits while keeping your skin supple and hydrated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Look for an SPF moisturizer featuring antioxidants to wrap even more defense against environmental damage into just one step.

Beyond the convenience of simplifying your routine, combining steps also reduces the trial and error of building a routine. It's part of almost every skin regimen: Put on a moisturizer, followed with sunscreen. And, very often, stacking multiple products on top of each other causes one of two things to happen — either the products start pilling (breaking up into tiny balls) or your skin starts feeling heavy and greasy. An SPF moisturizer makes sure your sunscreen and moisturizer play nicely with each other. It combines two layers into one, allowing your skin to feel comfortable and creating a smooth base for makeup.

What To Look For In An SPF Moisturizer

What makes a facial SPF moisturizer truly effective? Here's what to consider.

  • SPF number: A higher SPF number translates into better protection. The lowest you should aim for is SPF 30, but grab the SPF 50 option if possible.
  • Broad spectrum protection: Look for an SPF moisturizer that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays can penetrate deep into the skin — they're the primary cause of premature skin aging. UVB rays typically damage the skin's outermost layers, giving you a sunburn. Both can cause DNA changes that can lead to skin cancer.
  • Hydration: Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid can give your skin a long, cool drink without leaving it greasy.

How To Get the Most Out of an SPF Moisturizer

SPF moisturizers are designed to pack a punch. Follow these simple tips to maximize both the moisturizing and SPF benefits of this powerful combo.

  • Use enough product: To get all the SPF benefits, apply at least a nickel size dollop.
  • Consider coverage: Concentrate on areas that are typically neglected, like the eyelids, hairline and ears. They need the SPF benefits (and hydration) as well!
  • Be consistent: Don't skip your SPF moisturizer — even if you are going to be indoors or it's a cloudy day. UVA rays can even pass through glass windows and cloud cover alike.
  • Reapply often: Reapply every two hours if you're outdoors as well as after heavy perspiration or swimming.

Who doesn't love a good multitasker? Your sunscreen and moisturizer already go hand in hand; start curating a minimalist routine by encapsulating the best of both worlds in a single formula.

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