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How to Get an At-Home Skin Analysis or Derm Consultation

by Tyshia Ingram
May 5, 2023

Whether you’re looking for a quick skin assessment to help address some of your skin concerns, or you’re interested in a more in-depth consultation with a board-certified dermatologist, Neutrogena has you covered! And the best part? Both can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Dermatologists On Call®, you can get help for common skin concerns like acne, eczema, rosacea, rashes, and more. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a board-certified dermatologist, all done virtually!

Whether you're a skincare novice, skincare is your life, or you just want more control over your complexion, the Neutrogena Skin360® web-based tool analyzes your skin with a selfie and provides guidance with product suggestions to help you meet your skin goals. Neutrogena Skin360® is free, customizable, and always available when you need it.

How Neutrogena Skin360® works:

  1. Scan your face. Take a quick selfie to analyze your skin. We recommend using your phone camera for a more accurate assessment.
  2. See your scores. Your Skin360 score shows exactly where you stand with your complexion. It gives you a score across 6 key skin attributes like wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and smoothness, along with an overall score for your skin health. It also highlights key ingredients for each skin concern.
  3. Personalize the results. Answer a couple questions about your primary skin concern (like uneven skin tone or a dull complexion) and your skin tone. We’ll use your responses to suggest products you may like and provide educational skin tips.
  4. Discover products you may like. Checking products against your specific skincare goals eats up time, so narrow the field to what's already geared toward your unique skin. Your products are divided into morning and evening suggestions and include a cleanser, moisturizer, any treatments or serums, and sunscreen. Each product also includes key ingredients and benefits for your skin.

You know your skin better than anyone, but a fresh look at your skin health — whether from a dermatologist or a digital skin web-based tool — can reveal what your eyes alone might have been missing. And if you need a little more help with your skin, the derms at DermatologistOnCall are always available for a virtual, in-depth skin consultation. So give your skin the expert attention it deserves!

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