Makeup With Skincare Benefits

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Makeup With Skincare Benefits

by Jana K. Hoffman
March 30, 2023

The foundation for flawless makeup application is healthy skin. Sure, we’re all for a faux glow, but there’s nothing like the real thing, right? What if we told you it’s possible to improve the look and appearance of your skin while you wear makeup?

Now that we have your attention… You’ll want to keep reading. Neutrogena® makeup is developed alongside scientists and dermatologists who are a mission to formulate makeup products that contain nourishing skin care ingredients. Hello, makeup that goes the extra mile! You’re already spending so much time and effort on your daily skin care routine so consider this an extension of said routine.

Let’s start with skin tone and dullness. If you’re looking in the mirror and things appear a little a drab, you might grab Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup to help improve tone and texture. It comes in 14 beautiful shades and is blended with antioxidants, mineral sunscreen and broad-spectrum SPF. Some might say it’s even better than wearing no makeup at all.

Ah, acne-prone skin. We know it’s a sensitive subject. And oftentimes, the only thing that makes your bright, beautiful self feel confident enough to face the world is to cover the blemishes. Covering those blemishes can come with consequences, though, if you don’t consider the ingredients in your foundation or concealer. That’s why we infuse salicylic acid into our SkinClearing® makeup collection. The star of this collection is SkinClearing® Liquid Makeup, which is formulated with blemish-clearing salicylic acid and multivitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C and vitamin E. We believe that wearing makeup can help prevent new breakouts from popping up.

Next, we’ll talk about aging skin. It’s normal. And as your skin ages, it changes. You might start to see fine lines under your eyes, crow’s feet and laugh lines. Honestly, those are all signs of a life well-lived, and you should feel proud. You earned them after all. Our Healthy Skin® Anti-Aging Perfector and Healthy Skin® Enhancer were made for these changes. Both beauty products with skin care benefits are formulated with retinol, broad-spectrum SPF, olive fruit extract and vitamin E. We want your natural beauty to shine through, so the coverage is buildable and leaves a fresh, natural-looking finish.

When it comes to dry, dehydrated and flaky skin, makeup application may seem like an impossible feat. It’s easy to shy away from wearing makeup because the end result resembles something of cake — and not the delicious kind that you want to eat. Get the ultimate glow up with Hydro Boost makeup, which contains plumping hyaluronic acid. The Hydrating Tint alone provides a full day’s worth of hydration. Combine it with your favorite Hydro Boost skin care and you’re well on your way to soft, supple skin that bounces back when you touch it. Who doesn’t want that?!

For sensitive skin, ingredients matter big time. You can’t just go beauty-blending on any old foundation. No, no. You have to be thoughtful, albeit a bit cautious, and choose gentle products that won’t cause redness, itchiness or flare-ups. When mineral makeup became a thing, we all collectively celebrated because we finally found something that worked. Our Mineral Sheers® line offers sheer to medium coverage that’s pure and gentle. Plus, it’s got vitamins A, C and E and is talc-free, fragrance free, and dye-free. Huzzah!

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