Update Your Makeup Routine For Warmer Weather

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Update Your Makeup Routine For Warmer Weather

by Mariela Bagnato
May 2, 2022

Tips from renowned expert Makeup Artist, Mariela Bagnato, on the best way to cover-up your oily, acne- prone skin with the right makeup products during the springtime.

Fresh cut grass, longer sunlight hours, oilier skin… these are all signs that are indicative of spring. But while we welcome warm weather and springtime scents and more sun, no one, and I mean no one, wants greasy-looking skin over their makeup!

Similar to how we trade up our warm clothes for lighter ones, we must also adapt our makeup products. Neutrogena Clear Coverage collection boasts three such products that you’ll want to invite into your springtime makeup regimen, especially if you have greasy, oily, or acne-prone skin.

It’s important to use the right makeup and skincare products in the spring because the warmer weather coupled with the higher humidity in the air can trigger the skin to produce more oil. Sweat and oil together is a recipe for clogged pores, leading to a higher chance of acne-breakouts. The spring weather can also bring allergies, which can cause issues like irritations, redness, sensitive skin, and other aggravating skin problems. The Clear Coverage collection has what it takes to help provide a flawless appearance against any changes to your acne-prone skin in the spring.

Follow These Expert Makeup Tips For Your Acne-Prone Skin

Developed with dermatologists for acne-prone skin, the Clear Coverage collection is formulated with Niacinamide, (vitamin B3). These products are ideal for providing full coverage and evening out your skin tone all while masking skin imperfections.

  • Tip #1: Use a lightweight color correcting cream instead of foundation

    Like most cream-based makeup products, apply a matte CC cream with clean hands and a beauty blender. Dab it on lightly and blend using gentle strokes in an upward and outward motion along your face.

One of the products from this collection is the award-winning Flawless Matte CC Cream - a color-correcting cream available in 34 different shades. Yes, 34! So whether you’re fair, dark or land some place in between on the skin tone spectrum, there’s a shade for you. Its lightweight, breathable formula feels comfortable on the skin. Another thing to love about this CC cream is the fact that each shade has no fragrance, parabens, sulfates or phthalates. A product such as this one is ideal for warmer weather.

  • Tip #2: Try a color correcting concealer to reduce the look of red or dark spots

    Determine your desired shade of concealer: green reduces the appearance of redness while the peach and deep peach neutralize the look of dark spots. To apply, lightly pat the concealer with your fingertips on the targeted areas.

If you’re someone who battles redness due to allergies in the spring or dark spots, then you should follow up the CC Cream with the Clear Coverage Color Correcting Concealer. It gets the job done when it comes to masking any skin imperfections.

  • Tip #3: Help aide in mattifying oily skin by setting your makeup with a compact powder, made for acne-prone skin

    The Clear Coverage Compact features a lightweight, matte finish that blends beautifully into your skin. To apply, use your favorite brush to sweep the powder evenly over your entire face or gently pat the powder onto targeted areas.

And to set the whole look, use the Clear Coverage Color Correcting Compact. Especially if you have oily skin, this step cannot be missed!. It works to mattify excess oil to the skin, thereby helping it last longer. The yellow and green composition of the compact also helps “mattify” and color correct at the same time.

I absolutely love the Clear Coverage line, and I always like to use it when I am working on my clients – they also love it! It’s versatile and inclusive and each product was developed with dermatologists and formulated with multiple benefits all with the health of your skin in mind. The fact that these products leave you with a flawless, supple look is a win for everyone, especially during the spring where there can be so many changes to the skin. Neutrogena Clear Coverage collection is a perfect example of Makeup Fueled By Skincare®!

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Mariela Bagnato is one of the most renowned on-camera celebrity Makeup artists in the Hispanic market. She has worked alongside international Hispanic superstars collaborating on editorials, music videos, runways, commercials and more. She has collaborated with magazines such as People en Español, Siempre Mujer and Glamour as a Beauty Writer showing her passion for trends and techniques. She’s also the host of her own beauty segment on national TV with #TutorialConMariela on Despierta America - the most viewed morning show by the Hispanic community. Mariela has also made appearances with her beauty tips and trends on renowned outlets such as Hola TV, People En Español, In Style Magazine, Elle Magazine, among others.

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