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Ditch Dull Skin with this New Skin Resurfacing and Brightening Routine

by Claire Pippin
April 30, 2019

Dull Skin Explained

Gone are the days of chugging caffeine for lunch and nights of running from afterparty to afterparty. Bad habits catch up to even the best of us, eventually. We begin to notice signs of dehydration and uneven tone and texture slowly creeping its way into our skin. Somewhere along the way, between heading out without sunscreen and late nights at work, our skin has lost its spark. And now, it just looks... dull.

But, why?

As we age, the rate of our surface cell turnover slows down. This means the fresh, new skin cells that help us look luminous take a longer time to resurface. Coupled with a few not so skin-friendly choices, all of this can really dim your skin’s natural radiance.

Flipping the Switch: How to Brighten Skin

Good news! It’s not too late for your skin. When it comes to restoring brightness, what you need is an ingredient that treats the three main signs of dullness – dehydration, uneven tone and texture.

Meet Neoglucosamine, the powerful non-acid exfoliant that boosts hydration and reduces hyperpigmentation as it accelerates your skin’s renewal process. As a building block of Hyaluronic Acid, it boosts surface cell turnover 10x times faster than skin that’s untreated. This ingredient can also be used with other skin brighteners like AHAs, PHAs and Mandelic Acid.

Before & After

Neoglucosamine visibly reduces dullness, dark spots and fine lines for brighter, more even looking skin.

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Neoglucosamine visibly reduces dullness, dark spots and fine lines for brighter, more even looking skin.

Skin Sins and How to Avoid Them

On top of having the right routine, here are skin brightening tips to incorporate into your daily life:

Don’t Forget to Remove Makeup
Don’t Forget to Remove Makeup
We’re all guilty of falling asleep without taking off our makeup. But when you forget to cleanse, your pores get clogged and it becomes difficult for fresh skin to resurface. So, don’t hit the hay before cleansing away.
Drink More Water
Drink More Water
Caffeine and alcohol overload can really dehydrate your skin, leaving it looking dry and uneven. For plump, more moisturized skin, try to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. You don’t have to skip happy hour, but remember that moderation is key!
Get Enough Sleep
Get Enough Sleep
How much sleep you need varies from person to person. But since skin cells turnover as you sleep, your skin will probably let you know if you aren’t getting enough. After all, how’s your skin supposed to look bright and wide awake if you aren’t?

Skin Science, How To

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