Neutrogena® Supports Black & Brown Skin Health Equity Hero for Advocacy: Malone Mukwende

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Neutrogena® Supports Black & Brown Skin Health Equity Hero for Advocacy: Malone Mukwende

by Neutrogena
February 16, 2022

Neutrogena premiered the first-ever Heroes of Skin Health Equity to celebrate five individuals making a difference within each of our “For People With Skin” pillars: Advocacy, Education, Expertise, and Transparency. Get to know our Hero for Advocacy, and learn how he is advancing skin health for all!

Hutano and Neutrogena

Malone Mukwende is the founder and creator of Hutano, the social platform created to empower, educate and provide a voice to Black and brown communities to help improve their health outcomes. He has become an health influencer for POC care.

When Malone Mukwende was in medical school, he set off on a mission to see his skin represented in medical literature. In August 2020, Malone started working on Mind the Gap, a clinical handbook that presents clinical features on darker skin. Online, Malone creates a connection between black health and equity becoming a wellness influencer for his followers. It went viral on Twitter, and captured the attention of many major news sources! From there, he was inspired to create Hutano (meaning ‘health’ in Shona) to cultivate a community dedicated to black and brown skin health, using the hashtag #blackhealthmatters.

We are excited to share that Neutrogena has signed on as the first official sponsor of the Hutano platform to support this work! Together, we will tackle the lack of diversity in medical literature and education, which can lead to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

Looking for a safe space to share your real skin stories and learn about skin health issues most commonly faced by those with Black and Brown skin from our SkinU scientists? Join the Hutano community at

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