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Selfies With Benefits

by Jana K. Hoffman
May 5, 2023

Dog ears. Floating hearts. Sunglasses with scenic views on the lenses. We’ve grown pretty accustomed to filters that augment reality by turning us into animals or adding some sort of virtual element to our everyday surroundings. But imagine a selfie that does more than just add a flower crown to your head. This selfie has the ability to measure dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, texture and more to help determine the health of your skin.

Yep. You’re going to want to keep reading…

In 2018, the Neutrogena Skin360® app and skin scanner was launched, a whole new way to track your skin’s health. By taking a selfie, you receive instant info about your skin. Our innovative skin tech analyzes more than 2,000 facial attributes and 100,000 skin pixels within one second. The result? Your customized Neutrogena Skin360® Score each time you take a selfie. Your skin is always changing, which means your score will change, too. The app also featured your very own AI skin coach, NAIA, who provided personalized advice and insights so you could work to achieve your best skin ever.

Over the next couple of years, our dermatologists and scientists worked hard at further developing this technology informed by more than 10,000 different faces that span different ages and ethnicities. The upgraded app allowed you to track your sleep, stress, and exercise so you could see how these very important parts of your life can impact your skin for more holistic skin care tips.

In 2020, we launched the Neutrogena Skin360® web-based tool where you can continue enjoying many of the same features of the app including the ability to scan your face and view product suggestions based on your skin goal, all without needing to create an account.

Now three years later, we’re focusing on bringing an even richer experience to the Neutrogena Skin360® web-based tool! We’re excited to share new updates and functionality to make the experience even more personalized and useful, such as enhanced personalization based on your skin tone including product suggestions and tips (coming soon!), key ingredients for both skin concerns and products, improvements to the face outline to make scanning even easier, and changes to the skin scoring system to make it more accurate. The mobile application is being discontinued, but not to worry! You don't need an account to enjoy all the great features of the Skin360TM web-based tool. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Neutrogena Skin360® web-based tool to see what you can do today to help your skin look and feel its best!

Skin Science

I’m a writer, rescue dog owner, tattoo collector and traveler who shamelessly has an 8-step skincare routine.

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