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by Jana K. Hoffman
June 30, 2019

Think about your best friend. You know... The one who’s been there through it all. The one who knows you the very best and will stick by your side through thick and thin. Maybe you two go way back. Or maybe your friendship is fairly new. Regardless, this bestie is your confidant. They’re the one person who gives you advice that you usually take and who you can truly trust no matter what life throws at you.

That’s kind of like us. Neutrogena® goes way back, and we always have your back. We’ve been trusted and loved by everyone, including dermatologists, since 1930. The thing with us is, you always know where to find us. Your favorite store around the corner. We’re holding it down in the skin-care aisle. We’re also there for you in a pinch. Like, when you need an emergency face wash or a go-to sunscreen or a new under eye cream to target those fine lines that came out of nowhere.

Our brand was built on a foundation of trust, so you know that you can count on us to help make you feel and look your best. Plus, we’re rooted in science, which means we’re constantly innovating in every skin-care product category from acne treatments to wrinkle creams and everything in between. Over the last nearly 90 years, we’ve spent countless hours testing and perfecting (and testing again) our unique formulas and dermatologist-recommended products.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good skin-care fad and we’re all for trying new things and experimenting, especially when it comes to skin-care products. How else will you know what works and what doesn’t? Neutrogena® product lines, which originally started out as an amber cleansing bar (now a cult classic, btw), has grown to include moisturizers, cleansers, skin treatments, sunscreen and makeup for everyone and every skin type. We make it easy for you to go from au naturel to oh, hello in a flash. And we’ll always be here when fad beauty brands and products don’t live up to your very high expectations.

Skin Science

I’m a writer, rescue dog owner, tattoo collector and traveler who shamelessly has an 8-step skincare routine.

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