4 Powerful Ingredients

While genetics play a role in aging, a secret to aging gracefully is in the power of your products. Daily routine and the right combination of these four ingredients can help fight the signs of aging skin.

Anti-aging Ingredients 1


Accelerated Retinol SA formulas are proven to visibily improve the look of wrinkles, fine lines and texture.

Anti-aging Ingredients 2

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has skin-replenishing properties and can help moisturizers lock in moisture and strengthen dry skin.

Anti-aging Ingredients 3

Vitamin C

Formulas with Vitamin C help combat discoloration, uneven skin tone and dullness for brighter smoother-looking skin.

Anti-aging Ingredients 4


Sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection against UV exposure that causes wrinkles and sunspots.

Aging Skin Causes & Concerns

No matter how old you are, your environment, daily routine and sun exposure can speed up the signs of aging skin. Learn more about changes, concerns and our recommendations for treatment at every age. Hint: SPF for everyone!

Anti Aging Concern
It's All About the Regimen

We love a good routine, because we know consistency coupled with long-term product usage contribute to healthy-looking skin. Day and night, here's the regimen to try.

Anti-aging regimen 1

Step 1: Cleanser

Start and end the day with a cleanser. Massage onto skin using your fingers, then rinse and pat dry.

Anti-aging regimen 2

Step 2: Treatment

Smooth a pea-sized amount of the product containing the ingredient of your choice over face. Focus on lines and wrinkles.

Anti-aging regimen 3

Step 3: Moisturizer

Lock in hydration using a quarter-sized amount on face and neck. Apply in an upward motion.

Anti-aging regimen 4

Step 4: Sunscreen

Use a generous amount 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply at least every 2 hours. Skip this step at night.

Neutrogena® Collections

Discover our product lines designed specifically for aging skin.

Anti-aging product 1

Rapid Wrinkle Repair®

Visibly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles in just one week.

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Anti-aging product 2

Rapid Tone Repair

Visibly reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration.

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Anti-aging product 3

Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Anti-Wrinkle

Daily moisturizers that help erase away the appearance of fine lines and discoloration.

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Anti-aging product 4

Ageless Intensives®

Uncover vibrant, healthier-looking skin with fewer visible wrinkles in just two weeks.

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Anti-aging product 5

Healthy Defense®

Help prevent the signs of aging with superior broad spectrum sun protection.

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Triple Age Repair

Restore skin’s appearance with HEXINOL® technology and Vitamin C.

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