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Body & Bath For All Seasons Refresh & nourish your skin year-round. No matter the season, there is always a perfect Neutrogena ® Body & Bath product for you.
1.Instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture when the weather starts to warm up. 2.Leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling soft and silky.
Tips For Your Skin Type

It Takes More Than Moisturizing

The key to softer, smoother and healthier-looking skin lies in the proper combination of cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and skin care. Follow these tips for skin that looks healthy and radiant:

  1. Use a non-stripping body cleanser to soften and condition skin without overdrying.
  2. Moisturize immediately after showering with a body lotion specially formulated to help heal dry skin.
  3. Moisturize problem areas, like dry, chapped hands, with concentrated, glycerin-rich formulas. Hand cream can be used anywhere your dry skin needs extra help — lips, elbows, knees and face.

Control Breakouts

Excess oil and clogged pores can cause blemishes and breakouts on your skin. It�s important that you follow a regimen that cleans your pores and helps prevent future breakouts:

  1. Use a medicated body wash, or body scrub, daily and massage over wet skin, concentrating on areas prone to breakouts. Be sure to rinse well.
  2. If you have inflamed breakouts, apply acne medication or cream on the affected areas, as needed.

Pamper & Soothe Delicate Skin

Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety of factors, but overall it can be more susceptible to allergens, irritation and sun damage than normal, healthy skin. Protect and pamper sensitive skin from top to bottom with an extra gentle regimen designed for your skin needs:

  1. Use mild or lightweight products that are specially formulated to effectively, yet gently, cleanse, hydrate and protect delicate skin, without leaving heavy residue behind.
  2. Avoid products that are heavily scented, oily, contain alcohol or are antibacterial. Ingredients in these products may irritate the skin during or after use.
  3. Sensitive skin needs strong protection from harmful sunrays. Choose oil-free products that contain SPF 15 or higher and apply daily, even if your skin is not directly exposed to the sun.
Wrap Your Skin In Moisture Neutrogena� Moisture Wrap acts like a thin net around your skin to hold in vital ingredients your skin needs to stay moisturized.
Clinically Proven Formula with Wrap Technology
The formula, with Wrap Technology, allows more moisture to go deep within the surface to relieve dryness at the source, helping to heal dry skin from the inside and out.
It is clinically shown to help skin hold significantly more moisturization at the end of the day than Eucerin Original. *Moisture Wrap Daily Repair Body Lotion vs. Eucerin Original Lotion View All Products

NEW Pear & Green Tea

Rainbath� Renewing Shower and Bath Gel
  • Softens and conditions skin without leaving behind a heavy residue.
  • Creates a rich moisturizing lather that rinses clean.
  • Leaves skin in better condition feeling softer, smoother and truly renewed.
  • Has a unique fragrance that blends pear and green tea.
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