How to Make a DIY Sun Care Kit

Everywhere your family members go this summer—whether it's swimming, camping, or simply driving to work—the sun follows close behind.

That's why we've created this simple tutorial for a custom sun care kit tote for everyone in your family! Fill each one with the unique sunscreen that best fits each family member's needs, so they always know where to look for sun protection that fits their activities and skin type.

Instructions on how to make a DIY bag for your sunscreen
Free iron-on decals for your healthy skin tote bag

Iron-on free decals for custom touch!

We designed a full sheet of iron-on decals that you can use to customize each sun care kit tote.

Learn how

Here's what you'll need for your
sun care kit tote

28 inches x 16 inches of fabric for each bag (if ironing on decals, choose a light-covered canvas. If no decals, you can choose any fabric you like!)

1 yard of cording per bag

Printed iron-on decals (if desired)

Sewing machine or needle and thread

Safety pin



Lay fabric wrong side out.

Step 1

Lay the fabric wrong side out.

Press and sew the edges.

Step 2

Fold a 1/2-inch edge of the fabric at both short sides. Press and sew.

Create a channel for your drawstring cord.

Step 3

Fold down 1/2-inch along the top. Fold again, another 1 1/2 inches, creating a channel for your cord.

Sew the bottom edge of the channel.

Step 4

Sew as close as you can to the bottom edge of the channel. Your seam should look like the image on the right.

Fold fabric in half.

Step 5

Fold the fabric in half horizontally.

Sew the right edge and bottom of bag.

Step 6

Starting just below the channel seam, follow the seam created in step 2 to sew the right edge. Then, sew the bottom, leaving 1/2 inch all around.

Flatten the bottom of the bag to square off the edges.

Step 7

Flatten the bottom of your bag so the bottom seam runs down the middle. Sew a 3 1/2 inch line across each corner to square off the bottom of the bag.

Turn right side out and press.

Step 8

Turn your bag right side out and press with an iron.

Use a safety pin to guide your cord through the channel.

Step 9

Attach a safety pin to one end of your cord to guide it through the channel. Once it's all the way through, tie cord in a knot to close the bag.

Ready for decals

Step 10

If you've used light colored canvas for your fabric, you can now add on your iron-on decals. If you've used a patterned fabric, you're all done!

How to use iron-on decals

A great way to personalize your sun care kit tote is to use iron-on decals. Here's how to use them on your bags:

1. Download our free designs

2. Print on iron-on transfer paper (found at craft stores)

3. Iron designs directly on your bag! (Make sure your fabric is flat for best results).

Shells, whales, starfish, crabs on sheet
Practice on an extra piece of fabric first.

Expert tip

Practice ironing on decals on an extra piece of fabric before you try it on your sewn bag.