Shine Control

8 hour shine control for a naturally flawless look


Make touch-ups a thing of the past.

Stay shine-free all day with Neutrogena Shine Control Collection. Our revolutionary line combines lightweight, breathable makeup with our exclusive rice protein complex. This amazing makeup continuously absorbs oil throughout the day, minimizes the look of pores and leaves a soft, non-shiny finish — all without over-drying skin.

Keep your skin shine-free for 8 hours with each of these essential products:

Neutrogena's Exclusive Rice Protein Complex

Unlike more commonly used oil absorbers, such as clay particles which are slow-acting in soaking up excess oil, our exclusive Rice Protein Complex acts like tiny sponges to instantly eliminate shine & continuously absorb oil for 8 hours. In fact, 84% of women who tried it reported shine-free skin all day.

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