New Home-Compostable Makeup Removing Wipes

Leave no trace behind with our new collection of sustainable wipes made from 100% plant-based fabric.

From fabric to forest

Derived from nature

Renewable wood from sustainably managed and certified forests is transformed into VEOCEL™ fibers.

Transformed into fabric

Naturally smooth fibers are then turned into fabric to create your cleansing wipe.

Breaks down in home compost

Once you’re done, home-compost the wipe and watch it biodegrade in 35 days.

Creates new life

Use the finished compost to support plant life in your garden or yard.

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Neutrogena has teamed up with VEOCEL™, the experts in sustainable fiber technology to help us create makeup remover wipes made with VEOCEL™ fibers, 100% plant-based and home compostable in just 35 days. Get cleaner skin, with a cleaner conscience.

Home Composting 101

Once you've used your wipe, toss it into your home compost and let it biodegrade.

New to home composting? Choose a bin, layer greens (food scraps, fresh plants) and browns (paper products, dried plants) and occasionally mix up the pile. When it’s all broken down, use it to support plant growth!

And remember – never flush cleansing wipes! Doing so damages your home, water treatment plants and the environment.

Leave no trace with the power of three

Our new collection of 100% plant-based cloth wipes expertly balances effective cleansing power with a soft, gentle fabric so you can feel great about your skin – and the planet.


Oil-based technology binds to and dissolves makeup, dirt, oil and sunscreen.


Micelle-infused water and mild surfactants pull impurities from the skin to gently cleanse your pores.


Ultra-soft fabric texture lifts up makeup, dirt, oil and sunscreen for easy removal.

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Same effective cleansing, new sustainable wipes

Removes up to 99% of makeup.

Eliminate even the tiniest traces of makeup, dirt, oil and sunscreen.

Biodegrades in 35 days.

Place wipe in your home compost and watch it break down.

100% plant-based cloth.

Responsibly sourced forest-derived fabric leaves no harmful trace on the environment.

Our Promise to You – and the Planet

We are advancing our standards for ingredients, packaging, sourcing and social responsibility. Along with our new sustainable products, we’re working toward fully recyclable and reusable packaging.

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Refresh Your Look for Anywhere Life Takes You

On-the-go single makeup wipes help you be ready for anything life throws at you – whether it’s an impromptu workout, a late night flight or a change of plans.

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