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Dandruff Relief

T/Gel dandruff shampoo begins controlling the symptoms of
dandruff after just one use.

Gentle, Effective &
Complete Scalp Therapy
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  • Neutrogena T/Gel hair care is a line of dermatologist recommended shampoos
  • Gentle to use and leaves hair shiny and manageable while eliminating itchiness
  • T/Gel line offers active ingredients and benefits to help get rid of all kinds of scalp symptoms
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What is Dandruff?

There are three varying conditions related to hyperkeratosis (dandruff formation)


Symptoms typically include
itching, flaking
and dryness of the

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Symptoms include reddened, irritated skin, increased flaking and larger flake size. The scalp may be oily.


Symptoms include inflammation and the buildup of powdery, large, silvery plaques on the skin's surface.

Key Ingredients

See what ingredients make our products so effective.

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(Solubilized Coal Tar Extract)

Normalizes the scalp. Helps slow the proliferation (overproduction) of skin cells on the scalp, and reduce potential inflammation.

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Salicylic Acid

Clears flake buildup. Helps break down scalp buildup and split flakes into smaller, less visible pieces that can be washed away.

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Zinc Pyrithione

Antimicrobial to diminish
and help remove yeast,
a potential irritant,
from the scalp.

T/Gel® Shampoo
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