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Foundation Shade Finder Quiz by Neutrogena®

by Jana K. Hoffman
August 31, 2020

Meet your makeup match! Let’s face it; we know that finding the perfect shade can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re trying new makeup products for the first time. Our improved Neutrogena® Makeup Quiz makes it easier.

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This quiz takes the “complex” out of finding the right shade for your complexion. Just answer a few quick questions about your skin tone, undertone and skin type to reveal the ideal shade of foundation, concealer and powder for you.

We’ll even do one better by suggesting makeup recommendations based on your skin type. From acne-prone skin to mature skin, we’ve got your flawless face covered.

Why do I need makeup that matches my skin tone?

For the most natural makeup look, your foundation should blend invisibly. This is why finding the right shade is so important. Concealer is typically one shade lighter than your foundation. If you’re open to experimenting, you can play with different shades of foundation to get that chiseled contour look.

How do I know what my undertone is?

First and foremost, it’s helpful to know that there are three main skin undertones: cool, warm and neutral. If your skin appears pink-ish against a white tee or if silver jewelry looks more complementary, your undertone is cool. If your skin appears more yellow against a white tee or if gold jewelry looks more complementary, your undertone is warm. If both gold and silver jewelry look complementary, you may have a neutral undertone.

Ready to meet your match? Take the quiz now.

How To

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