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Sun-Safe Habits for Every Day Protection

by Neutrogena

At Neutrogena®, we believe in a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin, and that starts with superior sun protection. We know that a sunny day feels great, especially when enjoyed with family and friends, hiking, grilling in the backyard, or just relaxing. Fun in the sun comes with responsibility. Establishing sun-safe habits for you and your family can be easy with these tools and tips. Now you can enjoy every day like it’s SUNday.

Placing sunscreen by toothpaste can increase your sunscreen use

By integrating sunscreen with an existing routine, you may be able to use it more frequently. A study showed that placing your sunscreen next to your toothpaste can lead to a 20% increase in sunscreen use. You can extend this to placing sunscreen by door exits or keys and in your car or purse so you can enjoy every sunny day safely.

Use different sunscreen formats for different occasions

Lotions, sticks, and sprays— make your own everyday routine with broad spectrum sunscreens that everyone in your family will love and use more often. For example, sticks are a perfect on-the-go solution that can fit in your purse and apply on easily and mess free.

Your health plan may have you covered too!

Sunscreen is eligible for reimbursement with flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), and health reimbursement accounts (HRA).

SPF 100 provides 10x more sun protection than being in the shade

Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® SPF 100+ provides 10x more sun protection than being in the shade. Using an umbrella, hat or even being in your car provides less than SPF 10, so you’re not fully protected. SPF 100 also provides 2x more sun protection than SPF 50 and helps compensate for under-application. Real-life study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology shows that SPF 100 protects significantly better than SPF 50.

Sun safety for the whole family

Teach kids sun-safe habits from a young age and apply sunscreen with them every day.

Practice total sun protection habits!

In addition to wearing high SPF sunscreen, wear protective clothing and sunglasses, and skip the tanning bed by using a sunless tanner instead.

Get a free skin check!

Make sure to get skin screenings annually by a board-certified dermatologist for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin. ASDS members offer free screenings year-round. Find a screening near you through the Choose Skin Health® program.

Skip sunscreen on a cloudy day?

No way! Even on the grayest day the sun is up there shining, and the clouds won’t fully protect you. So make sure to make sunscreen part of your daily routine.

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