How to Use Neutrogena Skin360™

How to Use Neutrogena Skin360

A step-by-step guide for easy setup and use.

Want to discover exactly what your skin needs? Neutrogena Skin360 can show you.

Before you begin, you'll need a skin scanner exclusively available on Together, the skin scanner and the Neutrogena Skin360™ app are the most advanced all-in-one, at-home skin analysis technology available.

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Your Phone
  • Prep

    Download Neutrogena Skin360™ from the App Store.

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    Secure the skin scanner to the top of your phone so it can pair with the app.

    Make sure your phone case is off and Bluetooth is on!

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    Set up your account to save scans and track progress.

Scan Your Skin
Quick tips!
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    Wash and dry your face beforehand.

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    Switch phone to vibrate for best experience.

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    Every time you scan, place skin scanner on the same spots.

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    Scan at the same time of day.

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    You can only scan once a day.

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    We recommended weekly scans.

Understand Your Score
Quick tips!
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    Tap your Pores and Lines images
    to see them full screen.

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    Swipe your Pores and Lines images
    to see analysis.

Track Your Progress
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