10 Definitive Sun Tips from the Pros

by Jana K. Hoffman
June 30, 2019

Sun Tip #1

Up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer can reach your skin — even on cloudy days. Don’t you dare go a day without applying sunscreen!

Sun Tip #2

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. And guess what? It only takes one, yep one, blistering sunburn when you’re a kid to double your chances of developing melanoma (the deadliest kind of skin cancer) later in life. Even more jaw-dropping slash mind-blowing is that melanoma is the number one cause of cancer death in young women ages 25-30.

Sun Tip #3

Makeup with SPF is a plus. But! It’s not nearly enough protection. You’d basically have to spackle on your foundation, and the last time we checked the caked-on look was so 2009.

Sun Tip #4

Holy mole-y! Everyone is at risk to get skin cancer. It doesn’t discriminate against age, race or gender. And it doesn’t necessarily matter if you have a family history of it or not. The best way to check is to have your dermatologist conduct an annual skin cancer screening.

Sun Tip #5

It’s true that using sunscreen may decrease your skin’s natural production of vitamin D. If you think you’re not getting enough, have a chat with your dermatologist or doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement.

Sun Tip #6

No one puts baby in the corner. Unless it’s a shady corner, because babies need sun protection, too. Dress those cuties in lightweight long-sleeve tops and bottoms and give them a floppy hat and sunglasses. If they’re older than six months, use a small amount of baby-safe sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher.

Sun Tip #7

Get the glow without the sun’s harmful after effects. We love a good self-tanner. But only when it’s properly applied. The most important step is to exfoliate the skin using a washcloth before application. Dry off and then apply self-tanner in sections. Wash your hands after each section so you don’t get orange palms.

Sun Tip #8

There’s literally no such thing as “waterproof” sunscreen. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. “Water resistant” sunscreen, on the other hand, is a legit thing, and it lasts for about 40-80 minutes. Always reapply, especially if you’re into water activities.

Sun Tip #9

So, you found an old bottle of sunscreen and you’re wondering if you should use it or not. The FDA actually requires that all sunscreens on the market need to retain their original strength for three years. That’s a pretty long time. But, if your sunscreen has an expiration date that’s long gone, definitely recycle it and buy a new one. Here’s a hint: Write the date you bought it on the bottle so you know when to toss it in the future.

Sun Tip #10

Sunscreen doesn’t cause cancer. The only way sunscreen could be dangerous to your health is if it seeped into your skin, which doesn’t happen. Not using sunscreen causes cancer.



I’m a writer, rescue dog owner, tattoo collector and traveler who shamelessly has an 8-step skincare routine.

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