Meet The Bright, Young Minds Behind Bright Boost™

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Meet The Bright, Young Minds Behind Bright Boost™

by Claire Pippin
April 30, 2019

Four millennials. Four backgrounds. One incredible mission.

When it comes to ambition, lifestyle and genetic makeup, no two millennial women are the same. However, we all face the same pressure to constantly do our best and look our best every day. This is why Neutrogena brought together four of our brightest, most talented scientists from four different corners of the world for a first-ever global collaboration. After a year of rounds and rounds of prototyping for each formula and communicating back-and-forth across different time zones, these female millennial scientists were able to bring Bright Boost to life. Their challenge was to develop a skin-brightening line that would meet the diverse needs of all skin types, even in different environments around the world. So whether your skin is dry or oily, or you live in tropical Singapore or the deserts of California – Bright Boost is formulated to help you reveal brighter, more even looking skin.

Meet the Women Behind Bright Boost

Anna R., 31 – United States
Anna R., 31 – United States We as women know what women need, so we designed these products for those needs. Anna’s journey began in Moscow, Russia, where she diligently studied the back of her mother’s magical skincare jars as a child. She wished that she could one day understand the benefit of each ingredient for her skin. Now she’s in New Jersey, where she works for the Neutrogena R&D Product Development and Franchise Team. Her passions lie in experimenting with new product forms, textures and sustainability. For Bright Boost, she primarily worked on developing the Illuminating Serum . She loves that it has all the benefits, while still feeling light, natural and breathable on our skin. In her free time, Anna does yoga, knits and takes her experiments to the kitchen with different vegan recipes.
Carine H., 29 – France
Carine H., 29 – France There always feels like there’s something missing from a product. We didn’t want that for this. Carine’s first love was smelling fragrances. As a teenager in France, she dreamed of becoming a perfumer. She joined a fragrance and cosmetics school where she often spent her lunches in the library trying to memorize as many fragrances as she could. While working on Bright Boost, she had to consider the different preferences between regions like one place disliking greasy textures and one place looking for a more modern fragrance. She worked closely with fragrance houses and helped develop the Resurfacing Micro Polish . Knowing that millennials expect a lot of things, including a new experience and immediate results, Carine continues to work towards developing a range of products she can feel excited about using every day.
Diyana S., 32 – Singapore
Diyana S., 32 – Singapore Being a woman myself, I understand the needs of women in my age group. Our skin is less hydrated and supple than before. It all started when Diyana was 12 years old. Her mother put her in charge of shopping for their family’s shampoo. She was always intrigued by how each shampoo could be created differently. This curiosity eventually led her to pursue her study in Chemical Process Technology, where she specialized in Industrial Chemistry. Her hope is to develop products that women with all skin types can benefit from. Before developing Bright Boost, Diyana used to have very dry and dull skin. She’s a huge fan of the Gel Cream for its ability to heal and regenerate her skin quickly, even after she breaks out. She’s been working in Product Development for 9 years and has led projects across body, face and suncare categories. As a mother, she enjoys challenging herself even further by going on swimming and hiking adventures in Indonesia with her three children.
Anna T., 31 – Brazil
Anna T., 31 – Brazil It’s something that you’ll actually want to use, not just have to. Anna had an affinity for math and science at an early age, leading her to pursue a career in Chemistry. While developing Bright Boost, she helped formulate the Brightening Moisturizer with SPF . As a Brazilian native, she understands the daily need for a powerful facial sunscreen. Anna’s challenge was to appeal to the preferences of women everywhere. For example, in Brazil, most women are used to wearing sunscreen with a dry feel because their skin tends to be oily. However, in Asia, there’s a preference for a more gel-like consistency. Finding the right balance for this formula was one of her greatest achievements and she loves how the feel and fragrance turned out. When she’s not in the lab, Anna enjoys surfing and being out in the sun. With Bright Boost, she’s noticed her own dark spots getting lighter with time and believes this line is something all millennial women can get behind.

Making the World a Brighter Place

Ignite your skin’s radiance with the line behind these brilliant minds. Formulated with dullness-fighting Neoglucosamine®, new Neutrogena Bright Boost meets the diverse skin brightening needs of women all over the world. Work Bright Boost into your daily routine to help keep your skin looking renewed, hydrated and even. These products work together to reduce dark spots by disrupting your skin pigmentation production. So brighten up, because a new way to reveal your most luminous, even looking complexion is finally here.

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